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5 Reasons to Aerate Your Lawn this Fall

Why Aerate? Here are 5 Reasons for your 2022 fall season.

1. Grass Develops A Stronger And Deeper Root System Your lawn’s root system is constantly trying to spread and grow bigger and deeper. Proper aeration allows the grass to absorb more water, grow deeper roots and better bounce back from winter dormancy.

2. Prepares Your Grass For A Dormant Winter Aerating and fertilizing your yard together in the fall help prepare the grass to survive the winter. Grasses that grow better during the cool season can develop a good buffer of water and soil to last through the summer weather. It also gives warm season grasses the ability to absorb more water and fertilizer.

3. Removes Compacted Soil Due to foot traffic and weather, the soil in your lawn gets pushed down and the soil beneath it becomes compacted. When this happens, the grass grows slower and becomes thinner. There is also the possibility that the grass will stop growing all together. Aerating your lawn opens the soil and allows for more water and nutrients to get in.

4. Thatch Build-Up Is Decreased Thatch is the layer of dead grass that builds in your lawn. If this layer grows too much, it begins to restrict water and fertilizer intake. Thatch also attracts bugs and lawn diseases that make it hard for your grass to grow. Aeration reintroduces the thatch decomposing organisms to the layer of thatch and helps manage the build-up as the grass continues to grow.

5. Reduces Weeds Over Time After aerating your lawn, the soil is more open and has more space for the grass to grow. It also allows more oxygen to enter the root system and provide more nutrients to your lawn. The more space your grass has to grow, the more it can crowd out weeds and stunt their growth.

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