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Different Types of Lawn Service in Charlotte

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

If you are living in Charlotte, North Carolina, then you understand the complexity of the weather and all the changes that occur. For anyone with a lawn that is living in Charlotte, you will also know that a lot goes into properly maintaining it. This is why it can be easier to hire a lawn service. But what types of lawn services are actually available, and what does your home personally need?

Weed, fungus, and pest control

One huge part of lawn care is weed prevention. Without proper weed and fungus prevention, the health of your lawn is at stake. The same goes for pest control. Keeping these practices will keep your lawn healthy year-round:

  • Lawn care maintenance

  • Herbicide applications

  • Healthy watering practices

  • Weed emergent treatments

At SecureTurf our lawn care professionals know how to diagnose different types of lawn fungus, grub worms, armyworms, and other lawn insect and disease issues.

Core aeration and seeding

Core aeration and over-seeding help to replenish your lawn after the hot summer months. At SecureTurf, Lawn Service Charlotte landscaping experts, we use walk-behind aerators which helps to relieve soil compaction and increase oxygen flow to the root system. We also use 100% weed-free, blue tag fescue seed, and starter fertilizer. This will give you a healthier-looking lawn.


What is the key to a beautiful green lawn? The answer is proper fertilization. This also helps to prevent weeds and diseases, which is why we recommend spring and late summer treatments.

Leaf removal and cleanup

You can spend hours raking up leaves during fall. To avoid this and save time, our team will come out to clean all the areas of your yard, and take the leaves with us!

Plant care

After planting shrubs and ornamental trees, you will also need to take care of them. This might include fertilization, insect, and disease control. At SecureTurf, we offer a six-step tree and shrub care program. This will help to maintain the investment you put into your landscaping.

Irrigation and sprinklers

Keeping your garden and lawn well-nourished is so important, especially with the humid Carolina climate. This is why having the right type of irrigation and sprinklers installed is so important in Charlotte.

There are many different types of landscape irrigation systems available that work well with the Charlotte climate. You will need to take into account the way your property is set up, the various shaded areas, and areas that receive more sun. You will also need to decide if you want additional irrigation for your plants, rather than simply your lawn.

Landscape lighting

Don’t know where to begin? The design team at SecureTurf will help you in choosing the right lighting for your landscape. Choose walkway lights, lighting on your driveway, lawn lighting, or even lights built into your patio. Illuminate your outdoor landscape with accent lighting for your Charlotte home. Outdoor light can help to illuminate your home on the outside in many ways. Whether you are looking to have outdoor lighting for entertaining guests, or want a touch of added security, outdoor lighting completes a home.

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