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Do I need lawn care services in the winter?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Charlotte Lawn Care Service

You most likely know what you need to do to get your lawn ready for the summer and spring, but in the winter you may not be sure what to do with your lawn. Although there may not be much to do in the winter, you will not want to ignore it completely. Especially when it comes to living in the snow, there are a few things you may need to know about lawn care in the winter.


Right before you plan to have a frost, you should either hire a lawn service to aerate or do so yourself. Aerating is important because it gives your lawn a chance to breathe before the grass goes dormant. It can also help to bring up compaction that has built-in a few months prior.


As the first frost rolls around, you will also want to fertilize. This is essential because your grass needs nutrients before going into the winter. You want the roots to be able to absorb and store the nutrients during the winter months. This will give your lawn what it needs in the spring to be green and strong. It also helps to prevent weeds, pests, and diseases when the warmer months roll in.

Clean Off Leaves

Most likely before winter, there will be some leaves that have piled up on your lawn during fall. This is important because your lawn might suffocate before winter, also leaves that are left on the lawn can become wet and facilitate disease.

If the leaves are not too wet, then you can mulch the leaves with your mower into small pieces. Then you can use them to recycle the nutrients back into your lawn. If the leaves are too thick and wet, then you should simply remove them by raking.

Avoid Stepping on Your Lawn

When your lawn is frosted, you want to avoid stepping on it too much. This is because the lawn may be too weak, and it could kill the lawn underneath passages of high traffic. This is true when your lawn is dormant as well.

Clear Ice and Snow

You most likely plan to plow your driveway, but keeping all driveways, as well as walkways, and sidewalks clear of ice and snow is important for safety. This can also be taken care of by a lawn care service.

Make a Lawn Care Plan

It is important to make a lawn care plan ahead of time with your lawn care service provider. When you first feel a bit of chill in the air, you should see if there will be the first frost. This is important to ensure that there is enough time to put your plan into action before the first frost arrives.

Contact us to Prepare for Winter

If you need help with plowing, or simply making a lawn care plan for before, during, or after the winter, contact our Charlotte Lawn Service today. We can facilitate a plan that will work for you and your lawn.

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