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How Do I Get a Landscaping Job in Charlotte?

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Are you considering a career change? Or are you relocating to North Carolina and want to explore new job experiences? Whatever the reason may be in looking at your career paths, one you may not have considered too heavily is a landscaper. It’s a job we see a lot and we see the effects of it even more so: beautiful lawns, beautiful gardens, beautiful backyards and curb appeal. But, you may not have considered what goes into actually becoming a landscaper. It’s an incredibly rewarding job where you can mix creative thinking with field skills to bring someone’s dream to life in their own backyard. But how do you start? Where do you even begin to learn how to do landscaping and how do you turn that exploration into a career? We’ve got some answers and steps for you to take to explore your potential for a fulfilling and exciting career as a landscaper. All it takes is a little bit of passion and dedication to succeed. What Does a Landscaper Do? Landscaping is hard work, especially landscaping jobs in Charlotte. However, they can also be very rewarding. Landscapers, in short, create and maintain the exterior environments of dwellings and commercial buildings. This means designing and implementing green space, foliage, water or rock features, and other aspects that make up the yards around buildings. They also maintain them to ensure that these projects retain their beauty and curb appeal throughout their lifetime. Learn the Process While not everyone needs to dive into the science of landscaping, those that want to have a full blown and growing career in the space needed to. Most colleges offer a two year program in landscape technology and/or ornamental horticulture where you will learn the science and biology behind landscaping as well as the science and mathematics that go into making outdoor spaces beautiful and lasting. Peruse Your Options “Landscaper” isn’t the only job title in the field. If you find yourself drawn more towards the process of getting hardware into landscaping work, you might consider a job as a contractor specializing in outdoor spaces. If the plants draw you in, consider a job as a gardener or groundskeeper. If you find yourself drawn to trees, arborist may be the job calling for you. There are many career paths out there related to landscaping. Gain Experience Once you’ve got the skills set and you’ve the plan, getting the experience is the next step. While you may dream of gardening gorgeous properties or landscaping beautiful decor for luxury homes, you need to start small in order to learn the minuit tricks and troubles of the trade. The more work you put into learning the craft in real time, the easier your path will become to your dream landscaping job. Start with a company that wants to see you succeed. Secure Turf offers valuable work experience and a great way to kick off your landscaping career with a great company. Explore your options for job experience here, today.

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