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How Does an Irrigation System Work?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Charlotte Irrigation Company

Your sprinkler system can be confusing. Whether you are looking at the irrigation valves, wires, or finding your controller, often having a bit of information regarding your system can be helpful. Read through the following information to better understand what you're working with, and decide if you can do things yourself, or contact us to help you out.

Benefits of an Irrigation System

Saves Time

Rather than coming home to water your lawn and landscaping, having an irrigation system will save you time. You do not need to be home to handle your system, and it can do it on a timer.

Saves Money

Because irrigation systems deliver the proper amount of water needed, you will not be wasting water. This effectively saves you money and allows you to grow a healthy lawn and landscape. Eventually, your irrigation system will pay for itself.

Protects Your Lawn

Your lawn is an expensive investment. When you take care of it with an irrigation system, you will be able to keep it strong and thriving for years to come.

Different Types of Irrigation Systems

Pump Systems

In these systems, there is water that is pumped into the system from a water source such as a lake or pond. The plus with these systems is that there are no additional water costs.

Metered Water Systems

These systems are tied to your home water lines. The water must be supplied through a utility department or another water system. Your monthly usage costs will usually be more than that of a pump system because you need to pay for the water.

Standard Irrigation System Components

Shutoff Valve

The shutoff valve is how you turn off the water supply. If something like a water line breaks, or you have a valve that is hung open, you will need to use this emergency valve. It is the ultimate control of the system.

Backflow Preventer

This device helps to prevent water from being introduced to the municipal water supply. It essentially protects any potable water from contaminants.

Main Line

The mainline is what delivers the water to the rest of the sprinkler system. If there is a break in the mainline, then it will affect the whole system. This is why the mainline is incredibly important.

Sprinkler Zone

This is a group of sprinklers that work together to supply water for an entire area.

Zone Lines

Zone lines are the pipes that carry all of the water from the main line to each zone of the system. When a break occurs in a zone line, it typically does not affect the rest of the system. This means one zone can be shut off in the event of a broken pipe without having to shut off the entire system

Got Questions?

At Secure Turf, we offer the best Charlotte Irrigation to help you have a thriving lawn. Contact us for more information, or to schedule an appointment today.

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