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How to Get Hired for a Landscaping Job

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Lawncare Job Charlotte

If you are young and looking for a career to start, looking to get into a new profession, or simply looking for a new job, it can be daunting entering the world of landscaping. Not only are there a lot of rules you will need to follow, but you will also need education, and to properly represent yourself.

If you are looking to obtain Landscaping Jobs in Charlotte, then follow a few tips to get hired for a landscaping job.

Follow Your Passion

The best way to find a job, in general, is to focus on where you are most passionate. If your passion lies in landscaping, then decide which specialty you are most interested in. Although maintenance is an option, there is also landscape construction, water management, and even supervisory roles. This about what you are good at, what you enjoy doing the most, and follow that to the right job application.

Focus on What You Are Good At

Everyone has different skills. You might have carpentry experience, which can go a long way in landscaping. If you are qualified to operate heavy machinery, this is another skill that should go on your resume.

You might also want to look into certifications in subjects such as irrigation to learn more about the industry. Since some jobs require these qualifications, if you hold one of them, you should search these specific jobs out as they often pay more.

Sell Yourself

If you are required to apply online, then your application may first be screened by software. This will look for specific keywords, as well as phrases that match the job application. If you are submitting a resume, try to feature the skills that are being requested on the application.

Follow-Up After the Interview

After you go to an interview, be sure to contact them to remind them about your application. This should be a phone call to show you are serious. Additionally, rather than simply limit yourself to online applications, try to visit in person and show your face. You will be remembered a lot better if they can match a name to a face.

Be Yourself

If you are applying through a recruiter then they might receive hundreds of applications. Even if you are applying to a small company, you can easily be forgotten. Try to stand out and be yourself.

Share something personal about yourself while interviewing. This can be about why you got into landscaping in the first place and why you want to join the company. This will be extremely memorable and might help you to land the position.

Send a Thank You Note

After your interview, you can send a thank-you note. This does not need to be a handwritten note, but it should be done by digital email or text message. This can just simply thank them for their time, and make them feel that you took the time to care.

Most of the time, as long as you have passion, show respect, and are capable in the field of the job, you will secure it every time.

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