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Spring Lawn Care: It Takes More than a Fertilizer

Spring is HERE!

Getting your yard properly prepped for the warmer weather involves more than just mowing and fertilizing. In addition to our detailed lawn care program, we also offer three ADD-ON treatments to consider.


Fungicides are targeted to control such diseases as brown patch, gray leaf spot, rust, blight, etc. This is a preventative application that will protect the lawn for 21-28 days depending on conditions.

The first application should be applied late spring. For ultimate prevention, consider at minimum 2-3 applications.


This treatment suppresses soil-inhabiting pests in the turfgrass areas. Traditionally applied in the spring, this add-on service will provide up to 90 days control.

As conditions permit at your property, additional applications may warrant.


This application is performed to increase microbial activity and correct the pH level in the soil, allowing optimal growing levels and overall health.

Spring Lawncare

Call or text us today at 704.821.1900 to get on the schedule, as these slots fill quickly.

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