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Top 5 Fall Lawn Care Tips

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Autumn is here and we’ve just aerated, overseeded and fertilized. So now what?

It’s important to keep up with Fall Lawn Care in preparation for winter and next year’s spring, to ensure a healthy, thick lawn. Here are five of our top tips to take proper care of your lawn at home.

1. Aerate, Overseed and Fertilize

Courtesy reminder… Before you consider steps 2-5, let’s make sure step #1 is completed. It is essential for the health of your lawn to loosen up the ground after the hot summer months, to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate your lawn and feed the roots, allowing them to grow deeper and stronger.

2. Rake and Remove Leaves

When fall kicks into high gear and your lawn gets covered by leaves, they might be pretty to look at, but they will smother your grass, block sunlight and can thin important growth. Make a plan to rake, remove or mulch your leaves weekly throughout the fall season.

3. Identify and Repair Your Bare Spots

Take the time to walk your lawn and identify bare spots that might’ve appeared as a results of the summertime heat. Either seed or sod these areas (based on the size), and make sure that repaired areas are watered frequently for the seeds to properly take and for the sod to allow its roots to take.

4. Continue Watering

Fall brings with it more moisture, rain and morning dew. However, it’s important to keep an eye on the amount of water your lawn receives. The general guideline is to make sure it receives at least one inch. Water accordingly before time comes to winterize your sprinkler/irrigation system.

5. Keep Mowing

Although the temperatures drop, your grass won’t stop growing until we drop below freezing. Continue to mow your lawn weekly at the highest setting. Once you put the mower away for the season, consider winterizing it with a proper tune-up – sharpening blades, oil change, new spark plugs, etc.

If you want to discuss your fall lawn care needs in more detail, please feel free to text or call us at any time - 704.821.1900.

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