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Top 5 Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring is is officially here and it’s time to get your lawn ready for post-winter weather here in the south. Below are 5 tips that will get you set up for year-round success, and it starts today.

At SecureTurf, we offer comprehensive lawn care services and we’re here to help you get the healthy, lush lawn that makes your neighbor green of envy (some pun intended). Call or text us any time at 704.821.1900.

Service Your Mower

Now is the time to take your lawn mower in for service – change the oil, air filter and spark plug. Clean it out, sharpen the blades and make sure that it’s ready to roll when you get out to mow.

Clean Up Debris

Before you start mowing, take some time to walk your yard and clean up any debris that has collected over the winter – twigs, branches, leaves and any other trash. This will enable your lawn to breath and it will allow your applications to nestle in as intended.

This is also the time to edge your flower beds and apply mulch, but wait until the weather is in mid-spring.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Spring is the season to feed your lawn and make sure that it starts the year with all the nutrition it needs to grow lush and green. Apply recommended fertilizer to your grass to help protect it and allow your roots to strengthen.

Apply Weed Prevention

When you start seeing weeds and grub, it’s too late to treat it. Employ the necessary methods to PREVENT it, as best as possible. There is no way to completely eliminate weeds, and expecting zero weeds is a way to set yourself up for disappointment. However, make sure you follow recommended protocol to minimize as much as possible.

Repair Bare Spots

If there are any bare spots from the winter that need to be repaired, now is the time. Once we are beyond freezing temperatures, identify the areas, get them prep and apply seed. Make sure to water frequently and avoid mowing until the new grass is about 2 inches tall.

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