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Top Spring Lawn Care Tips

When it comes to spring lawn care, starting too soon can damage your lawn! You need to mow, fertilize, and water at exactly the right time. This can be tricky, but if you learn the signs that your lawn is ready for some spring maintenance it will become a breeze.

When to Start Spring Lawn Care

Compacting the grass and soil can occur when you walk on your lawn and perform yard work too early. This might end up destroying regrowth before it has even had time to properly mature. Although you want to water enough, it won’t do any good if the soil has not soaked up extra moisture. By giving your lawn time with the sun to utilize the water, it will be able to come back from a harsh winter.

Things to Remember

  • Grass and soil should be thawed

  • Avoid starting while standing water or muddy areas exist

  • Temperatures should be over 40˚ F

  • Grass should have started actively growing

Spring Cleaning

When spring has sprung you should begin to clear away dead grass and leaves. These most likely would have built up over the winter and is known as thatch. Although this can protect the grass through the winter, eventually it will begin to mat down the fresh grass underneath. It can block sunlight and hold moisture which will lead to mold and pests. After the soil has dried you should rake, in the spring, to begin the dethatching process.

Fill in the Bald Spots

Sometimes lawns get bald spots. These bare patches are common after the first mow of the spring. Be sure to fix these areas with grass seed. You should water the seed immediately after spreading, and continue to do so each day for one week following. Do not mow your new turf until the new seeds are at least two inches in height.

Test the Soil

Without healthy, balanced soil your grass is nothing. If the dirt is too acidic, then it can make it difficult for the lawn to grow. You can easily test the soil to find out what its PH is. This is inexpensive and effective and can be purchased at any hardware store. You may need to buy products to neutralize the soil if necessary.

Get Rid of Weeds

If your yard is prone to weed growth, then spring is the best time to begin weed prevention. Use herbicides if necessary, but do so before they sprout and mature. Doing preventative maintenance will help you to avoid a hassle in the summer.

Other Landscaping to do in The Spring

Your grass is not the only thing that will need extra attention. Maintain the other parts of your yard as well such as:

  • Pruning

  • Edging

  • Mulching

  • Composting

Call Us to Learn More

If you want more tips on how to take care of your lawn this spring, contact your local Charlotte Lawn Service. We can help you get your lawn back on track and ready for the season ahead.

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