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When is the Best Time to Install Irrigation?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Charlotte Irrigation

When summer begins to fade away and the autumn cold sets in, it is time to start on the fall tasks to keep your home looking great. When it comes to both lawn care and landscape maintenance projects, autumn is the best time to invest in an irrigation system. Especially in North Carolina, fall is the best time to install a Charlotte Irrigation system.

Why Fall?

Not only is the fall the best time to invest money into your lawn, but it also brings the best weather and length of days. Although the days are not as long as the summer, you can still benefit from there not being daylight savings time. Whether you are planting new trees, seed, or simply installing an irrigation system, fall is not too hot like summer, and not as cold as winter.

More Rewards

By landscaping and installing an irrigation system in the fall, you will see the change in your grass. You will also be able to do precise irrigation. You will not be rushed in the fall, and you will be able to irrigate your lawn efficiently.

Fastest Recovery

Your lawn will have the best opportunity to recover quickly in the fall. Especially if you choose a below-ground irrigation system, you want the earth to heal quickly where you need to trench in order to bury the water lines.

Easier to Get an Appointment

Typically, lawn care professionals will be extremely busy in the spring and summer. This means that if you choose to install your irrigation system in the fall, you will be able to get an appointment sooner, and you won’t be competing for their time.

Lower Price

Putting in an irrigation system in the fall also might mean you can secure a lower price than in the peak season. With more time, irrigation specialists will not be rushed.

Less Wait Time For Permits

If you live in a city or municipality that requires a permit or inspection for irrigation installation, then your wait time could be lower in the fall. This is because, as mentioned before, spring is the busiest time at the permit department. Rather than compete with other customers for a permit inspection date, you may not need to wait at all in the fall.

Always Install in the Fall

If you decide to install your irrigation system in the fall, then you will not regret it. Not only will you be able to get an appointment with both the permit department and your installer, but you should also be able to have a recovered lawn faster. Irrigation Installation in the fall also means that your lawn will have time to recover for spring. It will be incredibly strong, and you should see the strongest landscape you've ever had.

At Secure Turf, we offer the best irrigation installation in North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule your consultation, and also ask about our fall promotions. There is no day but today to schedule your irrigation install for the fall.

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