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When should I hire a landscape architect?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Charlotte landscaping company

Some lawn care projects require more than just a common landscaper’s touch. Landscape architects are the go-to professionals when you’re looking to overhaul your backyard or complete a tough project. Luckily, you can rely on the expertise of a landscape architect in Charlotte, NC to tackle your more important projects, including floral and shrub design, the addition of water features or physical structures, and specialized lawn care. Find out more about landscape architects and when you should hire one for your lawn care needs.

About landscape architects

Landscape architects work on an extensive range of outdoor projects. Since their knowledge is so versatile, they can assist with anything from designing outdoor living spaces to planting gardens and shrubs. They typically focus on the big picture of the design process, including your entire property and surrounding yard space in their plans.

Some common projects that a landscape architect can perform are:

● Designing your yard space into an interconnected system of outdoor living areas, pathways, and plants.

● Creating extensive property plans that outline the project thoroughly for your review.

● Aiding in the selection of materials for building and executing the project.

● Addressing issues with drainage systems, excess energy usage, and environmental harm.

● Laying out full plans for the design and organizing the input of new structures and features.

Some large-scale projects may require the usage of a landscape architect because they require certain certifications and licenses. These projects may include new drainage and land grading design, retaining wall implementation, permit approval projects set out by the state, building on private or public protected areas.

Hire a landscape architect when:

You need to make substantial outdoor improvements

If you’re looking to completely overhaul your bland backyard, a landscape architect can help maximize your space. Whether that’s inputting a structure like a gazebo, building a retaining wall, or installing a tree line, your landscape architect will know just what to do to make your backyard into a paradise.

Landscape architects can also assist with commercial properties that need an outside update or a curb appeal increase. The creation of walkways to direct foot traffic is a common project that landscape architects work on. Additionally, they can help install water features or seating areas to make your space stand out.

You need to solve or prevent a landscaping problem

Hire a landscape architect in Charlotte NC for specific property issues like ponding or flooding. A certified landscape architect can help remedy drainage issues or other landscaping problems to fix your outdoor space. Leveling uneven land and outdoor construction often involve obtaining special permits before starting the project.Your landscape expert will weigh all possible solutions before construction begins to ensure that the project is completed on time with the correct permits and licenses.

Be sure to ask your landscape architect any questions regarding appropriate plants, shrubs, and trees that will work well in your specific backyard environment. They can help you design a beautiful landscape that will thrive in any condition, creating a beautiful living space all year round.

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