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What lawn care services are offered during winter?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Lawn Service Charlotte

When it comes to lawn care in the winter, you might assume that the snow rolls in and you don’t need to think about your lawn until it leaves. Although you may not need someone to mow your lawn in the winter, there are plenty of other activities that need to be done to maintain a healthy lawn for the coming year. Let’s go through a few lawn care services you may want to consider this winter.

Winter Lawn Prep

Because your lawn needs special care when the temperatures drop, you need to prep your lawn accordingly. Some of the tasks that need to be accomplished before the winter include:

● Tree and shrub trimming

● Dead plant removal

● Aeration

● Fertilization

● Sprinkler draining

● Removing lawn and patio furniture

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning is not the most fun in any season, but especially not in the winter. Although some people may want to save money on this task, not everyone enjoys going out into the chill of winter to do so. This is something that must be done in the winter if your gutters are full.

Leaf Removal

Since winter follows fall, there are often a lot of leaves that need to be removed in the off-season. Regardless of whether it snows or not, this is not something you want to be doing in the cold. You may even consider having the leaves on your property removed multiple times throughout the season in the following areas other than just your lawn:

● Driveways

● Sidewalks

● Patios

● Roads

● Backyards


Mulching is an essential part of winter landscaping because it will protect your lawn and plants from freezing at the root. The benefit to your plants is huge. It is recommended that you leave this to the professionals if you do not know how to do this already. This will help to prevent damage to the lawn you have carefully curated.

Weed Removal

Since spring is when all the weeds sprout up, weed removal during the winter is essential. This is the time that you should allow a professional to stop weeds and take preventative measures. You will be happy you did so in the spring.

Snow Removal

When looking for Lawn Care Near Me, snow removal is one of the best winter services offered. Although you may be able to shovel your snow when a blizzard arrives, wouldn’t you rather stay inside? Landscapers in Charlotte know how to remove snow and remove it quickly so that you don’t have to. It will also help to prevent your lawn from freezing over and killing the grass below.

Ready to Prep Your Lawn For Winter?

There are many services offered by landscapers in the winter, and you most likely need most of these services. Unless you want to get outside and provide these services yourself (in cold conditions), you may want to consider hiring a professional. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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